Behind the Scenes with Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

It’s the summertime moviegoer’s dilemma: blood-pumping action movie or high-brow historic drama?

But why not both? This summer there’s a single flick that combines pounding fight scenes with period costumes (plus copious amounts of blood). It’s Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and it was filmed a block from Zehno offices in New Orleans.

The filmmakers added fake “mercantile” storefronts to a couple of empty buildings, hid the Kinkos signs and installed a towering blue-fabric screen to mask the Superdome in the background. They brought in horses, carriages and fog machines to set the mood. (The neighborhood transformation was fun to watch, even though we had to take the long route to lunch at our favorite Brazilian place).

The film comes from two warped minds: producer Tim Burton and author Seth Grahame-Smith (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies). In the movie, Lincoln becomes an axe-swinging abolitionist after witnessing a closeted vampire purchase slaves — for lunch.

Sounds pretty far-fetched.

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